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Ox01: Single Column



  • Simplicity
  • Needs less components
  • Can be operated manually

Video of latest prototype

Parameters and performance

  • 290 g of Zeolite LiX in Reverse Osmosis Membrane housing
  • Feed: 4.4 bar compressed dry air
  • Production: 1.5 l/min with 90% oxygen

Additional information

This is work in progress. Please contribute in the comments. All valuable inputs will help us define the best solution.


  1. Hello thank you for sharing this project…please share a better overview of setup so it can be duplicated, could not figure out where the second 3 way valve is here?? On the BOM it mentions 2x 3 way valve the link however is to a different part… please provide exact festo part number or link… only seem to be one 3 way valve here also how to connect the first 3 way valve is confusing with all the tubing and where is exhaust line ??

  2. I attempted to emulate your set-up, but was only able to acheive 30% output even at a lower flowrate. The differences were in the size and set-up of my Zeolite chamber, which was inside a soda bottle with the inlet tube being fed to the bottom. I also wasn’t able to pressurize/depressurize my container at the speed you did, I assume due to my different valve types.

    Regarding the valves, do you have a no-return valve between the zeolite chamber and the storage tank? It seems you have a flow rate valve there?

    Many thanks, Aaron

    • Hi Aaron,

      thanks for sharing your experience. We have made a similar setup with the coke bottle, it’s a cool idea! What is your input pressure from the compressor?

      We usually have a needle valve between the zeolite column and the storage tank to allow for proper pressurizing. Using one could help you with your problem of properly pressurizing. Let us know!

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