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Ox02d: regeneration of drying columns + 3 l/min 100% oxygen!

This new 2-column setup is getting closer to commercial devices in terms of production rate and size. Again we are only using one timeswitch (4s ON/4s OFF). We are using two drying columns in this setup: The first before the inlet into the control valve and the second one regenerating by connecting it to the dry exhaust coming from the depressurizing zeolite column. To regenerate the first column, we simply switch both drying columns manually. We are using LiX zeolite purchased from Zeochem GmbH


  • Special requirements:
    • 2 Needle check valves + 1 Needle valve
    • Time switch
    • 5/2 directional control valve
  • Feed: 3 bar compressed air


  • Column housing = Reverse Osmosis Membrane housing
  • 250g LiX in each column
  • Valves: Festo, Switching controller: Time switch
  • 100% oxygen in outlet stream (3 l/min) using pressurized air (3 bar) in input.
  • Switching cycle : 4s ON/4s OFF

Additional information

  • List of components + cost estimation coming soon


  1. 1.Hay alguna influencia si la cápsula de zeolita sea de metal como el acero inoxidable o necesitas ser de plástico.

  2. 2. En que consiste las columnas secadoras A y B y en que influyen en el rendimiento del equipo saludos cordiales amigos

    • Las unidades de secado contienen gel de sílice y secan el aire a presión antes de introducirlo en las columnas de zeolita. Esto ayuda a garantizar una operación a largo plazo.

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