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Ox01a: Manual operation

Our first operational prototype using only a tube filled with zeolite, a manual three way valve and an oxygen storage container.


  • 1: manual 3-way valve
  • Zeolite bed: 30g in plastic tube
  • Feed: 5 bar dry air


  • 30 g of Zeolite LiX in Reverse Osmosis Membrane housing
  • Feed: 5 bar compressed dry air
  • Production: ca. 1 l/min with 80% oxygen

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  1. Hello thank you for sharing, we would like to re-produce this manual prototype, however the schematic is showing 2 vales 1&2 though the BOM states 1x manual 3 way valve.. can we deduce that there is no need to close off the O2 exit line when switching to exhaust ?? Would appreciate a more step wise tutorial on a system setup..

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